Growing Players – A Long Term Project

The main goal of the Soccer Field Academy is to enhance player’s potential, and one of the key aspects of that is building a long term relationship between player and coach. It is a long standing and often proved saying that players play better when they have a positive relationship with their coach, and this is true of all levels, not only the professional game.

At the SFA we believe that when you establish a real connection with a young player it produces a better training environment, better play, and more growth. By beginning this process while young players start building that rapport in vital development years, enabling coaching to set good habits early rather than have to correct poor ones later on. The special bond and trust built over the years of time spent together can lead to players being willing to go out of their comfort zone when pushed, which often leads to more dramatic growth and better on-field performance.

This is not a strictly theoretical belief, rather it is one that has produced proven results over the years. James Field, founder and head trainer of the SFA, has seen it first hand, as three players he has had a long term hand in training recently were a part of the US Youth National Team camp. Anthony Hernandez, Nico Briones, and Elton Chifamba have all trained and played under James in various settings starting from the time they were seven to nine years old up to age thirteen, when they were promoted to the US Development Academy.

​This is not the only way to develop players, but at the SFA we believe it is the best way. We are always accepting new enrollments in to the Academy, so your player can start reaping the benefits of long term, player focused training and growth.
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