Why play in our 3v3 League of Futures?

Our Competition Platform

The 3v3 League of Futures’ purpose is to break down the fundamentals of soccer while promoting growth through learning individual confidence as well as working as a member of a team.

This program is meant as a great first environment for a young child’s journey of learning soccer. The league focuses on developmental, social, and physical progress as it is a welcoming space where players will learn to be a better player on and off the field.

The nature of small-sided is it focuses on development on both sides of the ball. It emphasizes a player’s basic foot skills, coordination, and awareness on the field.

3v3 League of Futures vs. playing in an indoor league…

We provide this in an enclosed area with tight spaces to facilitate quicker decision-making and refine a player’s technical ability. Unfortunately, the field sizes in an indoor soccer league are often too big, complementing physical play instead of refined technical skill. Another challenge with indoor soccer leagues is providing a consistent level of play.

7 Reasons to try our 3v3 League of Futures this Winter

  1. Learning through Playing
  2. Fun & Fast-paced
  3. Lots of touches
  4. Goals Galore!!!
  5. Consistent Weekly Days & Times
  6. Play with and compete against other players from different clubs/programs
  7. An environment to learn the Basic Fundamentals

Game Location

All games will be held at the SFA Training Center, 2901 E. 4th Ave, STE D, Columbus OH 43219

Game Days/Times


1:30 – 2:30 pm (U-5 & U-6)