Enhancing Your Potential

At the Soccer Field Academy we like to say that we help enhance player’s potential. What does that mean? It means at the SFA players will receive in depth, game focused training designed to improve key aspects of their game, and help them make the jump to their next level.

One key focus of this training is it’s “in game” nature. Players enrolled at the SFA are not simply being taught ball skills or doing fitness work, but are instead engaged in game-like scenarios specifically designed to improve performance on the field in real-life situations.

“You can take a player, give them a ball and tell them to kick it against the wall a hundred times.” said James Field, owner and director of the SFA. “But that doesn’t do them any good in a real game. Kids need to train in real game situations, to develop those skills, when to pass, when to move.”

The training is not just physical, but mental as well. Students in the SFA spend as much time working on the mental side of their game, tactics and decision making, as they do on the physical side, the mechanics of proper soccer.

The focus of the training sessions is the same for all students, but within groups there is also student-specific, one on one instruction, focusing on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

“We aren’t a club, our mission isn’t to win trophies or tournaments. What we’re about is developing players, helping each student who enrolls reach their goal, whatever that is.” Says Field. “We want to help our kids make the jump to their next level.”

This player-first, developmentally focused philosophy is at the heart of what the Soccer Field Academy is about, and it’s students stand to benefit most.

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